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The soil : the main place of life on Earth

"We do not perceive the soil as an inert substrate that supports our steps and plants, but as a place of life. This life made up of earthworms, bacteria, yeasts, microscopic fungi, insects, amoebas and algae represents the major part of the biodiversity on Earth.
These "soil dwellers" live in interdependence with each other and with the plant, and work for our benefit naturally, provided we favour their conditions and let them do their work”. 

“Caring for the soils we owe to our children. »


How to preserve soil life

Soil regeneration viticulture aims to re-establish the biological logic that scientific progress is teaching us to master.

As all agricultural soil, Wine-growing soil should always be covered, never worked (or very superficially) to give it a life as important as that of a permanent grassland or forest soil.

What can we expect from soil revitalisation?

Restoring important life for the soils concerned means:

- CO2 capture and control 
- Increased soil water retention 
- Limiting the susceptibility of vines to pathogens
- Increased soil self-fertility
- Limiting leaching losses
- Limitation of soil loss through wind and water erosion
- Increased quality due to better soil exploration by the vine
Pro-environmental efficiency coupled with the achievement of expected returns are in our view the first pillars of sustainability”.

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