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Champagne Duntze develops a mono-terroir approach, rooted in the family heritage, and resolutely designed to last. At the beginning there is the soil, with all that it contains of typicity then the work of the vine and men, then the emotion, that which champagne gives birth to our lips. It is throughout this precious and fragile chain that our involvement lies.  It is a work of love, requiring honesty and rigor, it is also a work of humility. 

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Elaboration of Emotions


Producing life 
In soils

We can not make the terroir our strength if we do not protect what makes its lifeblood: under our feet a multitude of soil inhabitants constantly interacts, it is an ecosystem whose balance benefits us. Earthworms, bacteria, yeasts, fungi, insects, amoebas, algae, these microorganisms make up the richness and complexity in which our vines draw. 

The world of Duntze champagne lies on the creation of emotions.

Non-invasive practices, such as soil cover, or stopping ploughing, give way to a virtuous natural dynamic, both for the environment (CO2 sequestration, water retention in the soil, self-fertility, limitation of erosion), and for the vine (better resistance to pathogens, increased root exploration).

The protection of the environment is coupled with obtaining better yields, in quantity and quality: this is how we look at sustainability and typicity.

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the Mens work

The House cultivates quality relationships with each winegrower on a daily basis. Strong ties have been built up between the winemakers and the Duntze family over the generations.


The vinification carried out with these winegrowers, true committed partners, are precise, without compromise and non-interventionist. The preservation of the organoleptic potential by respecting the fruit allows each cuvée to be enhanced and its origin to be revealed.


Typical and spontaneous, each cuvée is the exact reflection of the best of its original terroir.

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Making the grapes express

Maison Duntze has developed two development approaches:

the first, through its "Légende" range, is anchored in the purest tradition of Champagne, offering balanced and timeless wines,

the second with the Grands Terroirs cuvées, pays tribute to the nobility of the alliance of grape varieties and soil in precise and typical wines.

For each cuvée, a long aging on lees brings the finesse and aromatic complexity characteristic of Duntze wines. Particular care is taken in the development of the liqueurs: to reveal the very essence of the terroir from which each cuvée comes, each one is dosed specifically with its own expedition liqueur.

Time then does its work, revealing balance and delicacy in the blossoming of the bottles.

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