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 100% Pinot Noir 



Légende Brut

Its origin, 
La Côte des Bar

Barséquan terroir  :
Les Riceys, Neuville sur Seine, Avirey Lingey, Landreville

The Côte des Bar, which is the extension of the Marnais vineyard, extends in the Aube region south of Troyes to the gates of Burgundy.  

Located on the slopes of small valleys joining that of the Seine, Pinot Noir reigns supreme there.  

The very marked hillsides (Jurassic) facing South East, made of limestone marl (Kimmeridgian) and clay offer soils  quite shallow.

the  Pinot Noir gives here wines with a generous, dense texture, a juicy red fruitiness with intense floral and mineral flavors (flint, gunflint). This variety gains in power and length depending on the presence of clay.


Elaboration :

BLENDING                 100 % Pinot Noir

DOSAGE                      5.6 g / L (Extra-Brut)

AGING                          3 à 5 Years

RÉSERVE WINE         15 %

DISGORGMENT        6 mois at least

Tasting : 

Fluid colour of a light, satiny gold with grey
and pink hints.

Fruity notes of pear, pink grapefruit and cherries
in brandy subtly accompanied by a creamy side and small touches of toasted almond. Notes of flint provide a mineral aspect.

Fresh and smooth, tempered by smoky notes. A fine structure brings nice bitters to the finish.

Paring : 

"Its original subtlety and extra-brut dosage make this cuvée a fine aperitif wine. Subsequently, it will perfectly accompany appetizers such as a salad of mullet with eggplant caviar, a fish such as Saint Pierre and bisque d'étrille with rosemary or Saint Jacques just seized and creamy risotto with truffles. This white of Blacks also goes well with white meats and poultry as well as dry cheeses like a ripened chaource".

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