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Maison Duntze


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Friedrich Duntze

Friedrich is the son of the bremen brewer, a great manager and Champagne winemaker. He passed on his business acumen and love of bubbles to his son George Frederic.

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Georges Frederic Duntze

In 1913 in Reims, at the head of several Houses, Georges Frédéric Duntze decided to produce racy and authentic cuvées of Champagne, under his name, for his most important customers.

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Victor Duntze

Great-grandson of the founder Georges Frédéric Duntze, oenologist and son of a wine broker and former wine broker, Victor gives birth to his own cuvées and reveals the Champagne Terroirs in the image of his forefather.

The origine

The history of the DUNTZE family began in Bremen, Germany.

Thomas DUNTZE founded a brewery in 1843, which became one of the most important in the city, where he produced top-fermented beers which he shipped throughout Germany and to many European countries.

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The family passion
L O C A T E D  I N   T H E  T E R R O I R

Once in charge, Georges Frédéric developed the houses entrusted to him and in 1913 he created Champagne Georges Duntze and became one of the most important wine merchants of Reims in his time. He owes his success in part to what his father passed on to him:

Friedrich DUNTZE had been called to France to preside over the destiny of an important Champagne house in Reims.

True to his commitment, he devoted 60 years to this house, of which he became one of the main shareholders.

In addition, Friedrich, a passionate worker, built a pressing centre and cultivated a vineyard of a dozen hectares in Cramant at the place known as "Les Briquettes". 

The transmission
T R A D I T I O N  &  M O D E R N I T Y

Today, Victor Duntze pays tribute to his great grandfather, Georges Frédéric, who made mono-growth cuvées.

Wine lovers who value discreet elegance and a demanding knowledge of the wines they choose will be delighted with a tailor-made tasting of a Duntze champagne.

To enter the legend of Champagne Duntze is to access authentic emotions, thanks to wines of terroirs with depth and sublimated characters.

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